When it comes to the repair and installation of air conditioning in Hollywood, it’s too important to be left to folks without experience.
So many of our customers have told us some kind of horror story of trying to install their air conditioner themselves, or going with someone who promised they were an “air conditioning in Hollywood expert” only to find that the extent of their air conditioning experience was possibly watching an online video.
That’s not what you’ll get with us.

We’ve been installing and repairing air conditioning in Hollywood and the surrounding area for several years. That means that we know how to do all of the things that might seem small, but are critically important to your home or place of business. Some refrigerants are toxic, and have to be handled very delicately. Carbon monoxide poisoning isn’t something that comes exclusively from a car: it can come from an improperly handled HVAC unit, too. That’s why our professionals always treat these units with the delicacy and care you and your family deserve.

When your HVAC unit has a problem, we’ll find it. Licensed and insured technicians from our company can be there at your location whenever you need them. They’ll find the problem in short order, and then present you with an estimate as to what’s needed. Then, they’ll get to work solving the problem.
Sometimes, the best solution to the problem is bringing in a new HVAC unit. When this is the case, we make sure to replace your old unit and install the new one correctly the first time. Each of our services have a variety of price points, so that everyone can get the right amount of heat and air conditioning for their building.

Just because we’ve installed the new HVAC unit doesn’t mean we just leave and never come back. We can provide the kind of routine maintenance that insures it works as it should.
Give us a call or send us a message for a free estimate. We’ll find the right solution for your air conditioning in Hollywood.