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6 Tips to Improve Air and Heating Efficiency

It’s truly a wonderful feeling to have a warm home on a cold day or a cooler room in the winter months. You can run your HVAC system all day when necessary. However, if the system isn’t running efficiently, operating it can kick the energy bills through the roof. Here are some tips from our experts at American Clean Air and Heating to improve the efficiency of your heater and air conditioner. 

American Clean Air and Heating Recommends These Things for Efficiency 

1. Changing Air Filter

The air filter is the key part of maintaining your HVAC. It’s highly recommended to change it every three months, which is the minimum recommendation. Dirt and debris can cause an obstruction in the airflow. They also increase the workload of the air and heating system. When you replace the filter regularly, you can significantly reduce wear and tear on your unit while allowing the air to freely move and improve indoor comfort. 

2. Close Doors and Windows Always 

It’s true that we need fresh air. But if it’s too cold or hot outside, it may not be the best time to open the door or window. If you do, the outdoor air can get inside the house. You’ll end up paying more money for less warmth or cool. 

3. Fix Air Leaks 

If you notice a chill when walking by certain doors or windows, then it’s a good sign you need to investigate the matter. The chill feeling can be caused by air leaks around doors or windows. The leaks must be addressed as quickly as possible. If you don’t, the efficiency of your air and heating system will be greatly affected. 

4. Adjust Thermostat Setting 

You can save a lot of energy by setting the temperature on your thermostat to a slightly lower or higher number. Why is there a need to do it? If there’s a small difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures, it can help in lowering the heating and cooling costs. For example, if it’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside, you should adjust the thermostat to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. If you set it to 75 degrees, it can take more energy to cool your house down. Just think about the closest temperature to match the outside air. The closer the two numbers, the less energy you’ll use. As a result, the more money you’ll save in the long run. 

5. Let the Sunshine In 

During colder months, it’s best to use the sunlight when it shows up. Even if it’s only a few hours, it can increase the indoor temperature and decrease the amount of work that the heater has to do.

American clean air and heating

6. Maintain Your HVAC Unit 

A properly maintained air and heating system guarantee a cost-efficient operation. Thus, you need to schedule cooling and heating services with a professional contractor. Regular maintenance ensures the system will do its job more efficiently and effectively for a long time. To schedule your next appointment, call American clean air and heating at (323) 746-8100.