AC repair in Hollywood

AC Repair in Hollywood If Your AC’s Air Ducts are Leaking

You can call an AC repair in Hollywood at any time. However, AC repairs typically happen during summer. That’s because it’s that time of the year that people use their ACs every day. Even though modern air conditioning units are equipped with advanced features, they are still prone to breakdowns. The reason for this is that no unit on the market can give you 100% efficiency throughout its lifespan. But you can reduce your chances of calling a technician for emergency repairs if you schedule regular maintenance. Any AC manufacturer will recommend regular maintenance every year. However, even if you regularly maintain your AC, you may still encounter issues with it. 

AC repair in Hollywood

Call an AC Repair in Hollywood for Leaky Ductwork 

The ductwork is out of sight. In that case, you don’t always mind it. You may not even know where it is. Ducts perform various functions. They provide warmth during winter and cold air in the summer. Throughout the year, they provide ventilation to give your house proper indoor air quality. Unfortunately, duct channels are prone to leaking. It’s especially true if you don’t pay attention to your unit’s manual. Typically, your AC will cool your house down after a few minutes. Now, if it runs for hours without giving you a comfortable temperature, then there’s an issue with it. The most common culprit is leaky ductwork. The ducts could have leaks causing the cold air to escape. As a result, you can’t have a colder temperature during warmer days. However, the only way to find out if the culprit is the leaky ductwork is to contact an AC repair specialist. The technician will diagnose the issue and find out if the leaky air ducts are the cause. Another issue with leaky ductwork is that it doesn’t distribute cold air evenly. It means that some rooms are icy cold while others are warm. Furthermore, each room gets cooler at the same rate. If you notice that your AC system isn’t cooling down your house evenly, then it can indicate that there are leaks in the air ducts. The leaking could stop cold air from cooling the rooms in various parts of your house. 


Is Your Energy Bill Higher Than Usual? 

When you use your AC every day, it’s understandable that your energy bills will go up. However, if you don’t use your AC every day but you’re still paying too much, then it could be a sign that one of the parts of your AC isn’t working properly. One of the areas that the AC technicians will look into is the air duct. If the duct is leaking air, then the unit will run for longer periods to cool your house. A huge spike in your energy bills can be a cause for concern. But you can avoid it if you only maintain your unit regularly. However, since repairs are imminent even to regularly maintained units, you should contact a reputable AC repair in Hollywood to help you with your AC issues. Save this number in case your AC requires some fixing: (323) 746-8100.