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AC Repair in Hollywood About AC Refrigerant Leak: Fix It?

Refrigerant leaks are common. They are also one of the most frustrating issues that homeowners face. Each year, our AC repair Hollywood team receives numerous calls from homeowners. Most of the time, our specialists diagnose the problem to be a refrigerant loss.  

Some AC repair services will recharge the unit with refrigerant without correctly diagnosing the issue. They hope that the solution will last for a year. However, the failure to fix the leak will require further service in the future. 

Now, if you continue to call an AC repair specialist who doesn’t know how to diagnose a refrigerant leak, he will continue to recharge the system. But this will cause the oil in the compressor to deplete. 

If there’s not enough oil in it, it damages the compressor. The result? You will face an expensive repair. Furthermore, the refrigerant that leaks to the atmosphere isn’t good for the environment and your health. That’s why you need to call a specialist who knows how to diagnose leaking and repair the leak. 

AC Repair in Hollywood Costlier than Recharging 

You’re going to argue that an AC repair is more expensive than recharging the system. That’s entirely true. But you must remember that after the repair, you don’t have to face any recurring costs related to recharging the system. Our AC repair specialists will eliminate your issue once and for all, so you don’t have to call in for another repair or recharge. 

How to Know if there’s a Refrigerant Leak? 

One of the signs of a refrigerant leak is the loss of cooling ability. Your AC relies on refrigerant to give you a cooler temperature. It absorbs the heat and releases it outside. With insufficient refrigerant, it takes longer for it to cool down your home. Another sign is that you feel that the vents or registers’ air is no longer cold. Do you hear a hissing sound from the indoor unit? If you do hear it, the sound can indicate a refrigerant leak. But before you conclude that it’s a leak, you must remember that hissing sounds could be a sign of various issues. 

Proper Diagnosis for Your Leak  

For that reason, you must call a specialist to diagnose it for you. On the other hand, if your electric bill is soaring high every month, then you need to call in an AC repair. Since there’s a refrigerant leak, your AC can no longer give you enough cold air. As a result, you’ll dial down your thermostat to provide you with cooler air. But this action will cause more electric consumption. 

Fix the leaking first, and you will see that your electricity will go down. As mentioned, you can’t just add a refrigerant to your AC. It’s cheaper this way. But the recurring cost is way more expensive than repairing it. The proper solution for refrigerant leaks is to repair the leak. But you need to call an AC repair specialist to fix it for you. For proper diagnosis and repair of your refrigerant leak, please call our AC repair Hollywood office at (323) 746-8100 or send us an email.