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Are Air Conditioning Units Covered by Insurance?

Air conditioning in Hollywood is no longer a luxury. It’s an appliance that will help you feel comfortable while it’s sweltering outside. Nowadays, with climate change, it’s no longer enough to have an electric fan in your house. Having air conditioning is the most ideal solution to stay comfortable while in your Hollywood home. But one of the questions you might have in your mind is the insurance coverage. 


Are Air Conditioning Units Covered by Insurance? 

Thankfully, if you have a standard homeowners insurance policy, it may provide coverage for your air conditioning system. However, the coverage will depend on the terms and conditions of your policy. For instance, if your air conditioning stops working because of normal wear and tear, then your home insurance might not pay for your claim. But if it’s damaged by a fire, then your insurer might pay for the cost of repairing it. 


When Does Home Insurance Cover Air Conditioning in Hollywood

Typically, your home insurance policy will cover the air conditioning system if the damage is caused by a covered disaster, such as a fallen tree, a fire, theft, or hail. In that case, if it’s damaged by lightning, your insurance policy would cover it. How much is covered will depend on how severe the damage is. It’s better that you check your homeowner’s insurance policy to check the coverage included. 


Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Normal Wear and Tear? 

Although the coverage of a homeowners insurance policy is useful, it may not cover if the air conditioning is damaged because of normal wear and tear. Furthermore, if you neglect to maintain it regularly, your insurance might not cover it. In that case, if you don’t change your air filter regularly, your policy won’t cover it. And of course, if your AC unit is already as old as your 15-year-old son, then your policy might not pay for the repair cost.


Your insurance policy will cover many situations. But there are exclusions you must know and you will know about them by reviewing your policy. Typically, any damage from catastrophes is not part of your coverage. 

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How to File a Claim? 

Before you file a claim, you must first consider whether or not it makes sense to do it. Just because the cause of the damage is covered by your policy, it doesn’t mean that you have to file a claim. For instance, if the deductible is costlier than paying the repair cost on your own, then it doesn’t make sense to file a claim. Keep in mind that your insurer has an adjuster to evaluate the cost of the repair or replacement when filing a claim. 


To know more about the coverage of your homeowner’s insurance policy, make sure to contact your home insurance company. On the other hand, if your air conditioning in Hollywood requires repair or maintenance, please contact us here: (323) 746-8100.