an AC Installer in Hollywood

Central Air and Heat in Hollywood Specialists to Boost Your Unit’s Efficiency

Hollywood gets a lot of hot days throughout the year. In some cases, the temperature can rise to 100 degrees. That’s why having a central air and heat in Hollywood is vital to always have a comfortable temperature in your house. 


When the unit is still new, it works efficiently. However, if it gets older, its efficiency also goes down.

AC Installer in Hollywood

AC Installer in Hollywood

Central Air and Heat in Hollywood Requires Maintenance 

You need to take care of your unit to make sure that it performs as efficiently as possible. The unit’s filters, coils and fins need regular maintenance. If you fail to replace them on time, their performance will be greatly affected. 


Routinely replacing or cleaning the unit’s filters. Keep in mind that clogged filters can reduce the entire unit’s efficiency. 


If the airflow is obstructed, air that doesn’t go to the filter carries dirt. It transports that dirt into the evaporator coil, thereby, affecting the coil’s capacity to absorb heat. 


To lower your energy consumption, replace the filter every six months, depending on your manufacturer’s instructions. If you’re not sure how to replace them, make sure to call our central air and heat specialists. 


Keep in mind that some filters are reusable. It means that you can just clean them and re-use them. If you constantly use your AC, make sure that you clean the filters as often as possible. 


Apart from the filters, you also need to pay attention to the evaporator and condenser coils. They are components that can easily collect dirt over months and years of service. 


If you frequently clean the filters, they can prevent the evaporator coil from becoming dirty quickly. 


However, they still collect dirt, which reduces airflow. To prevent it from happening, you should have it cleaned by a specialist. You need to clean the coil every year. It’s one of the things that our specialists will focus on during your scheduled maintenance. 


You should also clean the outdoor contender coils. They become dirty if you have a dirty outdoor environment. But you can minimize the dirt from entering the unit by cleaning the space near the outdoor unit regularly. You should remove any falling leaves and other sources of dirt and debris. 


Clean the area that surrounds the coil. Trim foliage back at least 0.6 meters.


When is the Best Time to Schedule Maintenance? 

You can do some of the maintenance tips for your central air and heat. However, once a year, you will need to call a professional to maintain the unit. 


There are some components of the unit that only knowledgeable professionals can tackle safely. Remember that your air conditioning and heating is a complex system. Only trained professionals can handle the system properly to bring comfort back to your building. 


The best time to call our professionals for maintenance is during spring. However, you may call us at any time of the year for maintenance and repair. 


To schedule maintenance for your central air and heat in Hollywood, call our American Clean Air and Heating team at (323) 746-8100