Central Air and Heat in Hollywood

Did You Fail to Change the Filter of Your HVAC?

If you did, then don’t be surprised if the system encounters serious issues. Keep in mind that central air and heat in Hollywood have filters. But the filters tend to accumulate dust. That’s why it’s vital to clean or change them regularly. Failure to do so will lead to higher energy bills and serious maintenance issues.

How Often to Change Filters of Central Air and Heat in Hollywood?

As a general recommendation, you should change the filter every 30 days. That is if you’re using cheaper fiberglass filters. However, if you’re utilizing high-end pleated filters, you will need to change them twice a year. But this is just a typical guideline. Keep in mind that if you don’t change the filters regularly, more dust, dirt, and allergens are trapped in the filters, thereby, decreasing their efficiency.

Central Air and Heat in Hollywood

Do You Have Someone in Your House with Allergies?

If you have pets at home, the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America states that indoor air quality is as vital as outdoor air quality. It adds that indoor air can be worse than outdoor air. And if you don’t change your central air and heat filter regularly, it accumulates more allergens that can affect those who are sensitive to airborne particulates. That’s why it’s highly recommended to change the filters every six weeks.

Factors That affect the Lifespan of the Filters


If you only use your central air and heat a few hours a day, then the filter can last a whole year. On the other hand, if it runs constantly, you need to change it every few weeks.

Size of the House

The size of your house can determine how often to change your HVAC filter. If you are living in a smaller house, the system may only need to pump less air. It means that it requires fewer filter changes.

Air Quality

The air outside affects how often you change the central air and heat filter. If you have pets at home, you need to replace the filter more frequently.

The Signs You Need to Change the HVAC Filter

The air circulating through the central air and heat will pass through the air filter. It’s important to keep it clean. And you need to change it frequently. Here are the signs that you need to be aware of if the filter is clogged and dirty:

  • Reduce Airflow
  • Ineffective removal of particulates and contaminants
  • A build-up of contaminants in the ductwork
  • HVAC equipment works harder
  • Increase energy usage
  • High monthly electric bills

You should check the filters once a month. If they are dirty or clogged, you must change them. Do you need further assistance with the filters of your central air and heat in Hollywood? Please call us here at (323) 746-8100.