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How Much Can You Expect to Pay an AC Installer in Hollywood?

The cost of a new installation of a central air conditioner in California ranges from $4,000 to $20,000. You might agree that this is rather a wide price range and it is because every installation is different. How much you pay an AC installer in Hollywood is driven by the system requirements as well as who does the work. 

The cost of a new AC system depends on:

  • The size (tonnage)
  • Efficiency level
  • Features
  • Condition of indoor and outdoor components
  • Whether you need a replacement or not

Let’s have a look at each of these factors:

The Size

AC system size is defined as cooling capacity i.e. how much heat the air conditioner removes from your home in an hour. It is measured in tonnage and quite simply, the more tonnage, the higher the cost. Most domestic air cons range between one and five tons. A professional HVAC designer will perform the load calculation for your home.  


The more efficient you want your AC system to be, the more you will have to invest.  The efficiency measurement is a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and refers to the amount of energy the system uses in the cooling season. Units with a higher SEER rating cost more but will provide greater energy savings over their lifetime. The SEER ratings of residential AC systems range from 14 to 25+. Again, an HVAC professional will advise on the best rating for your home. 


As you add more features, so will the price increase. Some comfort features are smart thermostats, variable cooling speeds, zoning systems, additional sound insulation, and whole-home air filtration and purification systems. Higher-end AC models will have comfort features as standard but they can also be built in during the installation. 

Condition of Indoor and Outdoor Components

This refers to the various components that connect your system together and also the working parts. These will be inside and outside your house. Components include ductwork, vents (air registers), refrigeration lines, and electrical circuits. If your house has never had an HVAC system, obviously you’ll be paying for a complete installation. Otherwise, it will be a case of what needs repairing, upgrading, or replacing and these will be a cost driver.  

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Do You Need a New Furnace?

You need to brace your wallet for this possibility.  The law requires that new HVAC systems have eco-friendly refrigerants so there may be a compatibility problem between components in the new system and your existing furnace. Also, there are other systems where upgrades are required because of compatibility including the ductwork and air handler and a new HVAC will not meet its maximum efficiency unless it is hooked up to a variable-speed furnace.  

It makes financial sense to replace the furnace at the same time as the installation of a new HVAC system because it is cheaper than needing a furnace change later down the line (especially in terms of labor costs) and also avoids potentially expensive issues due to incompatibility. 

If you’re looking for an AC installer in Hollywood who will give you an honest valuation of your cooling needs and a fair quote, get in touch with ACAH AC Repair Hollywood.