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How Much Is the Cost to Install a Central Air Conditioning?

Central air conditioning in Hollywood may cost you thousands of dollars. But you can save a lot if you hire the right contractor. Having an electric fan is not enough to cool you down in Hollywood when the summer heats up. Your sweaty problems could be solved by installing central air conditioning. 

What’s the Real Cost of Installing Air Conditioning in Hollywood? 

It varies depending on the type of unit you wish to install. But the price can range from $3,000 to $7,000. The cost will also depend on the condition of your existing air ducts. For that reason, your system must undergo a pre-installation evaluation. Remember that the air conditioning unit is just a piece of the overall cost of central air installation. There’s a possibility that air duct installation is required. Plus, you need to hire a professional AC installer to do the work. 

No, you should not install the unit yourself, if you’re not qualified. 


The first step to properly install is evaluation. It’s a necessary step to know the right size of air conditioner that can keep the space cool. After a thorough evaluation, the contractor will determine the systems an AC relies on. This would include the ductwork. Proper evaluation is required to make sure that the current systems can handle central air. 

Installation and Labor 

Once you have chosen the type and size of air conditioning, the installation and labor cost will affect the overall cost. Don’t go for the lowest bid. If a contractor bids low, it won’t be good. Keep in mind that many air conditioners are installed incorrectly. As a result, they reduce the appliance’s efficiency. 

You may use this site to find a nearby contractor or just call American Clean Air and Heating at (323) 746-8100. It’s also ideal that you read online reviews to find out more details about the contractor. Here’s one of the Yelp reviews that we received from our actual customer. 

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How Much Is the Cost to Install a Central Air Conditioning_

Controlling the Installation Costs 

When evaluating the overall cost of AC installation, it’s ideal that you examine your own cooling needs. A ductless mini-split AC can be a great option if you’re only home at night. It has an outdoor compressor and condenser. If you just need to cool a small zone in your house, a ductless system is ideal. 

Now, the timing can affect how much the overall installation cost will be. Keep in mind that the busiest months for HVAC contractors are the hottest and coldest months. 

In that case, we recommend you schedule installation in the off-seasons. That is, during spring and fall to ensure that you get a lower price and a faster turnaround time. 

Are you ready to install your air conditioning in Hollywood? If you are, then please don’t hesitate to call our technicians at American Clean Air and Heat. Dial this number to talk to one of our representatives: (323) 746-8100.