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The Sure Signs Your AC Needs Repair

Living in a hot climate like California, you know that summer can be brutal without working AC. This means you also know the benefit of having working air conditioning in your home. Having a properly working AC unit can keep you cool and comfortable during months where sticky humid heat could drive anyone crazy. If you’ve been living in your home for a while but haven’t had your air conditioning unit inspected it may be time. Additionally, if you’ve just bought your home or haven’t had much experience with owning an AC unit you should understand the ‘warning’ signs of an AC or HVAC system that needs to be examined by a professional.

What are the signs?

The most telling sign of an HVAC that needs to be serviced comes from the airflow. If you can feel that your unit isn’t blowing consistently cool air and you are certain no one else is changing the temp, you may have a problem. If no one has accidentally switched the settings to ‘heat’ but you’re still feeling gusts of warm air you could be dealing with airflow restriction or a compressor issue. This isn’t an easy DIY situation that can be resolved in a few minutes. You’ll want to call a certified HVAC technician who can take a look at your unit and under and explain the intricacies of the problem to you.

AC Repair Hollywood Experts

Another sign of a unit that needs repair is frequent cycling. You may be used to the familiar background noise of your AC and know its usual routine of switching on and off. If you feel that you are hearing that hum turn on and off more frequently you may have an issue on your hands. It’s normal for your AC to kick on more often on a hot day but if it’s switching on and off too frequently it’s not normal. Furthermore, if you are hearing unusual buzzing, rattling or other weird sounds you could be dealing with loose parts or bigger problems. Apart from buzzing, rattling and warm airflow, you may smell musty odors floating through your home emanating from the unit. This can be a sign of bacterial growth. When you spot a weird odor you may want to schedule a professional cleaning and maintenance check of your HVAC. Being in your home more frequently than visitors means you’ll run the risk of becoming ‘nose blind’ to the smell and think the problem has resolved itself.

Further signs of trouble

When inspecting your AC unit you may notice smells as well as water coming from it. A good unit that works well-using refrigerants to send cool, fresh air throughout your home. However, that refrigerant can lead to condensation around or in the AC which isn’t something to worry too much about. If you notice fluids or water pooling around your unit you’ll want to call an HVAC tech ASAP to assess the situation. Waiting could mean inviting damage to the walls of your home or needing a new unit. You can call AC Repair Hollywood experts today to schedule an inspection (323) 746-8100 and solve your AC problems before things start heating up this summer.