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Understanding the Odors Coming Out of Your AC

Hiring an AC installer in Hollywood will ensure that your air conditioning unit will be installed properly. However, we recommend that you have it checked and maintained regularly. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that the AC will operate efficiently. It will also prevent the AC from giving off a strange odor. 

AC Installer in Hollywood Can Help You Understand AC Smells 

While installing your air conditioner, our installers will teach you the proper way to maintain the system. They’ll show you how to clean the filters every week or month. In addition to that, they can tell you what symptoms you need to know that will warrant a call for an AC repair. 

One of those symptoms is a strange odor. Keep in mind that a well-maintained air conditioner won’t emit any odor. If you smell something funny each time you power on your AC, it can mean that the system is experiencing an issue. Our AC installers aren’t just trained to install any type of AC but they are also proficient in troubleshooting and repairing air conditioning units, regardless of their type. 

Dirty Socks 

It’s one of the odors that you can smell if your AC is acting up. If you notice that your room or entire house smells like a gym locker, then your AC is the culprit. You may spray a bottle of air freshener but the musty smell won’t go away. The best solution to this issue is to repair the AC. 

Our AC technicians will check the evaporator coils. These coils can develop mold and bacteria if your AC isn’t well-maintained. The organisms can easily build up causing a dirty-sock smell. 

This kind of problem can be repaired on your own. But our team will clean the evaporator coil and unclog the pans to get rid of mold growth. Furthermore, our technicians will also change the filter. 


ac installer in Hollywood

What is that Chemical Smell? 

This is a sign that your AC is experiencing a serious issue. It’s not a good sign if you start to smell like chemicals when you turn on your AC. One of the reasons for this is a refrigerant leak. It’s a serious issue that must be resolved immediately. 

If left untreated, it can cause premature AC failure. Now, if the issue is too big to repair, you may need to purchase a replacement. Apart from the chemical smell, you may also notice that your AC produces hissing sounds when it’s on. 

You should not delay calling our technicians when you notice these symptoms. Our technicians will repair the leak and recharge your AC with refrigerant. However, if the leak is severe, you may need to replace it. 

That’s why when you have an air conditioner at home, you have to properly maintain it. You should schedule regular maintenance every year or every few months, depending on the recommendation on your user manual. 

Repair It ASAP 

In addition to our AC installer in Hollywood, you may also call our AC repair team to handle whatever issues your air conditioning is experiencing. But if you need to replace your AC, you should call our AC installers to help you find the best AC for your house. Call us for an appointment: (323) 746-8100.