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Ways to Know if the Heating Element in Central Air and Heat is Bad

When the season is getting colder each day, you will be firing up your central air and heat regularly. But your heat pump must be working properly in this season to keep you and your family comfortable during winter. American Clean Air and Heating can fix it if necessary. But does your central air and heat require repair?

Signs You Need to Hire American Clean Air and Heating Repair Service

Not Warm Enough

Your furnace may be working. But it may not be working properly. Here are the signs to consider:

  • The heat is on but you’re still shivering.
  • Cold spots in some parts of the house.
  • Lukewarm air from the vents

These signs could mean that there’s insufficient heating because of a faulty heating part. In some cases, your house’s thermostat is experiencing problems. You can’t fix these errors on your own. That’s why you must leave this part to the heating specialist, like American Clean Air and Heating.

American Clean Air and Heating

Making Weird Sounds

The heating system in your house may emit noise. But the noise must not be detectable. However, if you hear banging, rumbling, squeaking, rattling, or whistling noise coming from your furnace, then it’s a sure sign that your heating system is malfunctioning.

However, there are a variety of reasons for these noises. For instance, if you hear a squeaking sound from your furnace, then it can mean that the belt is deteriorating. A loose bearing may also be the culprit. No matter what the cause of the noise is, it’s better to call in the professionals. These noises can be annoying. If you ignore them, this furnace issue can lead to a system breakdown.

Rising Energy Bills

Have you noticed that no matter what cost-cutting methods you do, your energy bills are still not going down? But have you looked at your furnace? Keep in mind that if the heating system in your house isn’t operating efficiently, it can cause the utility bill to go up through the roof. If this is the issue, your system is working harder than it should. Choose to hire a heating repair specialist so you can start saving money every month.

Dusty Air Ducts

If the furnace doesn’t work properly, it can mean that the air sent through the air ducts isn’t what it used to be. The dust starts to accumulate in the air ducts. One of the signs that your air ducts are accumulating dust is that the furnace is making a strange noise. Call American Clean Air and Heating immediately for repair.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Beeps

It’s a critical sign that your house needs a heating repair. You must not ignore it. If the carbon monoxide detector goes off, it can be that the heat exchanger in the furnace cracks resulting in the release of carbon monoxide. This is gas is odorless but it’s extremely dangerous. You need to call in the HVAC team to repair your furnace.

Resolve the Issues

When it comes to your heating system in the house, you must not ignore those signs. Get the issues resolved as soon as possible to keep your family warm this winter. Call American Clean Air and Heating to schedule the repair: (323) 746-8100.