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What are the Causes of Furnace Stopping and Starting Repeatedly?

Heating and air in Hollywood doesn’t run constantly. It cycles on and off several times within an hour. But if your system is shutting off more often than usual, then it’s time to contact a technician to troubleshoot the problem. 

Common Causes of Hollywood Heating and Air Short Cycling

Clogged Air Filter 

Your heating and air system has an air filter. If it’s clogged the airflow will be greatly affected. The clog also restricts the airflow to the heat exchanger causing it to overheat. As a result, it triggers the switch that safely shuts off the system. 

Solution? Change the filter. But before you change it, make sure that the system is turned off. You may replace the filter with a permanent one, which is more eco-friendly. Regardless of the filter you use, make sure to inspect it regularly or change it every 30 days or 90 days, depending on the recommended frequency. 

Should you call a technician? If, after changing the filter the issue has been resolved, you may not need to hire a technician to repair it. Then again, if your system is due for preventative maintenance, then it’s better to hire one to check the system. 

Thermostat Issue 

Is your thermostat on? Did you set it correctly? Make sure that the thermostat is set to the proper temperature. If it’s too low, for instance, your furnace will surely shut off more frequently. You may also need to consider its location. It has to be installed away from heat sources, like a south-facing window and heating appliances. Make sure that it’s not installed too high because it may cause air to rise. If your thermostat registers extreme temperatures, it shortens the furnace or AC cycle. 

Should you call a technician? If you have adjusted the temperature but nothing happened, it’s best to call a technician to investigate the issue further. Your thermostat may not be functioning properly. The HVAC technician can inspect it and recommend a resolution. 

Heating and Air Too Big

If your AC or furnace is too big for your home, it will shut off quickly and start again when your house cools down. Short cycling isn’t only annoying but it also wastes energy. Plus, it wears your HVAC faster than usual. You also won’t experience a consistent, comfortable temperature.

Hollywood heating and air

Find the Issue 

To know the proper way to resolve the issue with your heating and air system, you should consult with an expert. Indeed, you will have to pay a certain amount to repair the problem. However, it can save you money and time. After the system has been repaired professionally, the issue won’t come back, as long as you properly maintain it. On the other hand, if you repair it on your own or provide a quick fix, the issue will come back to haunt you after a week or so. 

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