Air Filter

Your AC Air Filter is Important!

When was the last time you checked, cleaned or changed the air filter in your AC or HVAC? A lot of homeowners forget to clean or check theirs regularly which can lead to a slew of different issues. Some of these issues affect your wallet, others your health. When you live in a hot climate like California your AC unit will keep you comfortable for a large majority of the year. However, your unit won’t work properly if the filter isn’t clean. You filter plays a large part in helping your AC to run properly. There are some very big reasons why you should regularly clean and replace your dirty filters.

Air Filter

Your air filter is essential

A bad air filter means your air conditioning system can freeze up and stop working properly. When your air filter is dirty and clogged it can cause the cooling air of your HVAC to get trapped inside the unit leading to freezing. This then works to cause ice to form around the coil which is bad news. It also can be a factor in your system having short cycling problems. If you have noticed that you AC is kicking on and off more frequently than usual it may be time to replace your filter. Short cycling due to a dirty filter can waste money because it causes your ac unit to use energy more frequently than if it were cleaned. Another concern you should have is the amount of allergens that built up in a dirty filter. Have you and your family been suffering from breathing problems, coughing or sneezing? Dirt and dust can get clogging in your filter and then pushed throughout your home when the AC turns on. A clean filter will eliminate that issue by helping with your home’s air quality.

Clogged filters are costly

When you ignore a clogged filter or put it off for longer than it should, you could be costing yourself money for repairs. With a change in filters on a scheduled maintenance plan, you will have a well-kept unit. This can help to avoid expensive fixes. Keep in mind that spending the money on new filters can be a lot cheaper than the bump up in your electric bills due to a filter that’s not doing its job.

Having an efficient system will put your mind at ease and your home properly cooled and heated all year round. Are you noticing a problem with your unit currently? If you are looking for a company to service your HVAC unit or to have a new one installed you can trust the technicians at AC Repair Hollywood to provide great service. Putting off your AC fixing could mean allowing water or coolant to leak and damage your home. It can also mean that your home’s air quality isn’t as clean as it could be. Don’t put off having your HVAC serviced. Call us today at (323) 746-8100 to stay cool and comfortable as summer approaches.