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AC Repair Hollywood: Your Guide to Handling Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks are issues that our AC repair Hollywood company deals with regularly. Just to be clear here, your unit must not have leaks. If you notice that your AC doesn’t provide the cooling temperature that you demand, then it can be the cause of the freon leak. 


How Do Our AC Repair Hollywood Technicians Fix Refrigerant Leaks? 

There are several causes of these leaks. One is poor installation. Factory defect is another. And if you don’t properly maintain your unit, leaks may also occur. 


To handle them, our technicians won’t just refill the unit with freon. Instead, they’ll assess the condition to find out if there are leaks.


The leaks have to be resolved first before refilling your unit with refrigerant. Skirting it will only worsen the situation. 


It means that freon will still escape the system during operation. That’s why leaks must be fixed first. 


Inexperienced technicians, however, will just refill your unit with refrigerant. They won’t find the cause and fix the issue. 


Thus, after a few days, you’ll experience the same problem. 


Are Refrigerant leaks Dangerous? 

These leaks are dangerous because refrigerants contain harmful chemicals. However, a spill on your skin may be innocuous. 


However, if you’re constantly exposed to it, then you’ll soon develop breathing problems, organ damage, and other lung conditions. 


But you might probably wonder how will you ever know that your AC is suffering from refrigerant leaks? 


There are several signs of freon leaks. Apart from your AC’s inability to give your home a cool temperature, leaks can also push your energy bills to the roof. 


Hence, if you notice that your energy bills are getting higher every month, you need to call our AC repair team. 


There’s nothing you can do about it. You can clean your filters, coils or even adjust the thermostat. These things will not resolve the issue. 


Your AC will still give you lukewarm air. If you don’t resolve the leaks as soon as possible, your AC will continue to work harder than it should be. 


Another thing you will notice is a hissing sound. If the refrigerant is leaking, it makes noises. The sound indicates that the gas escapes from the lines. 


But the hissing sound can be another issue. It may not be related to leaks. Even so, you should have your AC checked by our AC technicians so they can repair it right away. 

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Fix Your AC’s Inefficiency 

Refrigerant leaks can cause your AC to run inefficiently. As mentioned, it’ll consume more energy causing a spike in your energy bills. 


That’s why if you notice some signs that your AC is kaput, make sure to call a professional AC technician. Don’t attempt to resolve the leaks on your own. 


Keep in mind that refrigerants are harmful. It has to be handled properly to avoid breathing it in enormous amounts. 


Call our AC repair Hollywood team today to address the issue of your air conditioner. We’ll bring back your AC’s efficiency to give you optimal temperature during operation. Please dial (323) 746-8100