AC Repair in Hollywood

Do You Need AC Repair in Hollywood During Winter?

The temperature may still be fine today. However, you always have to look forward to the upcoming weather forecast. And if it’s going to be colder months, you should prepare your AC to shut it down in favor of your heating system. Call our AC repair in Hollywood to help you turn it off properly. Of course, you can easily turn off your AC unit during winter. However, what we mean by shutting it down properly is that you need to open the outside unit’s lid and switch it off. 

AC Repair in Hollywood

Why You Must Call an AC Repair in Hollywood

It doesn’t mean that your air conditioning needs fixing. Rather, it just needs some upkeep before you allow it to reset for a certain period. Preparing your AC for the off-season is like cleaning your car before you store it in your garage since you won’t use it for a few months. When it comes to your AC, you need to clean off its condenser unit. By cleaning, we mean you must wash it to remove dirt and grime. If you’re not comfortable doing it, our team will handle the cleaning and other maintenance tasks for you. 

Apart from cleaning the condenser unit by removing dirt and grime, it’s also vital to clear the area around your unit. It means that you need to eliminate branches, sticks, and other debris so they won’t interfere with your system. After cleaning it, we’ll dry the unit thoroughly. This is necessary to prevent corrosion while it’s not in use. We also recommend placing a waterproof cover over the outdoor unit. Don’t worry about this cover as it’s cheap and you can easily find it at any hardware store. If you want to use a tarp, make sure that its cords can’t be blown away. Any type of cover will do as long as it can properly protect the AC’s outside unit from moisture and debris. They can easily accumulate during winter and fall. After the winter season is gone and the warmer weather is upcoming, you’ll have to prepare your AC again. Contact our team to help you out. We can schedule a visit to your home to check it and clean the indoor unit before you’ll use it again. The best time to call us for cleaning your indoor unit is during springtime. During the maintenance service, our team will clean or replace your air filter. We’ll also clean your indoor vents.We’ll make sure that the outside unit is on a level surface and it doesn’t have any debris that can clog the unit. We’ll also ensure that there’s two-feet of clearance around the outside unit. In some cases, you can do these all without the help of a professional. However, if you want to be safe, you should call our professionals to complete the dirty work for you. We’ll also assess your air conditioning’s performance. If we hear any strange sound, we’ll inspect it and fix the issue before it gets worse. 


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