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American Clean Air and Heating Explains 3 Ways to Protect Your HVAC System From Storms

Whether you believe it to be a result of climate change or not, more severe weather episodes happen more regularly these days ,meaning extra worry for homeowners. It would be fair to say that when a big storm is on the way and headed directly towards your property, there are plenty of different provisions that you need to put in place to protect the vulnerable points and ensure nothing receives too much damage. Any HVAC system is obviously a feature that would be on this list, and the good news is that there are plenty of things that you can do to keep your own system safe during even the harshest levels of inclement weather. With this in mind, here are three of the best ways that you can protect your HVAC system during a storm, from the experts at American Clean Air And Heating.

Put Away Any Loose Objects

One of the biggest blame factors for damage in a storm is the wind that can cause havoc, especially for any objects or property components that might be loose and more vulnerable. Of course, it would take a particularly strong gust of wind to rip an external HVAC unit from a house’s wall, but something that definitely could cause a problem is flying debris like a bike, toy, tools or outdoor furniture being smashed into it. You can avoid all of this potential disaster by making sure that all of your loose garden possessions are locked away in a shed or inside your house before the worst of the storm arrives.

Cover Your Outdoor Unit

In order to prevent any debris from finding its way into and causing damage to your condenser, it is good practice to turn it off and put a very tight cover over it so that it stays untouched during a storm. Make sure that the cover is waterproof too, because any amount of really heavy rain might seep through a porous cover and cause flooding of your outdoor system.

American Clean Air And Heating

Install A Set Of Hail Guards

If you live in a place that often gets large hail when storms arrive, it is recommended that you take extra precautions against this weather element, and this can be done with the simple installation of some hail guards. Just place them over your outside unit and you will instantly have given the system better protection to prevent major damage.

Ultimately, if a really serious storm is coming, you should be bracing yourself for at least some damage to the external elements of your property but putting these simple tips into action can make a big difference compared to leaving your HVAC completely open to the elements.

So, if you should find yourself ever needing repairs or maintenance for your own HVAC system, then don’t hesitate to get the best help possible from American Clean Air And Heating. Get in touch with the team at ACAH AC Repair Hollywood and they will be able to get an experienced engineer out to your property in no time at all. The quicker you can get your system repaired, the better off your home will be!