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How to Choose the Best HVAC System for Hollywood Heating and Air

When it comes to renovating your home and making sure that it has and continues to retain the best value and living conditions possible, making the right decision about which HVAC system you should have is one of the most important things on the list. You want to make sure that you can cool your property on the hot days and heat it on the cold days, and the less problems and obstacles that you confront along the way, the better! With this in mind, here are some tips for how to choose the best HVAC system from Hollywood heating and air.

Standard Split System

This is a system that is able to be configured in a number of different ways in order to give you more options, furnace and A/C, heat pump split systems and hybrid heat systems. This kind of system continues to be the most affordable and adaptable options for most people, and therefore the most popular. If a single component breaks and needs to be replaced, it can be sourced easier than some other systems.

Ductless Split System

If you live in a home that doesn’t have any ductwork, then this is the system to choose. It operates using an air conditioner or heat pump that sits outside, and a fan that distributes the air to the inside rooms. It is a very efficient system that gives the option for zone climate control, but it is not particularly suitable for colder climates because it doesn’t feature a furnace.

Packaged System

As the name suggests, this is a system that is contained in a big cabinet outside of your property. The positives of this system include the cutting down of noise inside your home, but the main negative is that it isn’t quite as efficient as other options. A packaged system is usually only recommended if no other options are available to you.

 Hollywood heating and air

Geothermal HVAC System

A geothermal HVAC system is certainly the most expensive of all the options, but what you spend upfront you end up saving on energy costs in the long run. This system works by regulating temperature via an underwater or underground pipe, where water containing refrigerant cycles through the pipe and gives off or picks up heat depending on the settings that you have in place for your home climate. It is a big investment, but one that will improve your standard of living as well as the value of your home.

If you are interested in exploring your HVAC options for Hollywood heating and air, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with expert engineers at ACAH AC Repair Hollywood. Our team of experienced professionals will be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have relating to both heating and air and provide advice on the choices you have. In no time at all we will be in the position to set you up with the HVAC system that best suits the particular needs of your property. We look forward to being able to help!