AC Repair in Hollywood

American Clean Air and Heating Offers AC Repair in Hollywood to Winterize Your AC

American Clean Air and Heating offers different AC services in the heart of Hollywood. If you are looking for an AC repair in Hollywood, we’re the right company for the job. 


When it comes to your air conditioner, there’s nothing worse than realizing that it’s not working in the middle of the day in hot summer. But you can prevent it from happening by ensuring that you maintain it properly. 


Your AC needs proper attention to ensure that it can withstand harsh elements. 


This is where winterizing your AC becomes vital. 


How an AC Repair in Hollywood Can Help in Winterizing the AC Unit? 

There are many things involved in our AC repair services. One of them is winterizing your unit. 


But why is it necessary to do this job? 


Your AC unit will keep your home cool during hot weather. However, as the hot summer season fades and Hollywood is experiencing chilly weather, it is time to protest your AC by winterizing it. 


What this service does is that it protects the unit against snow and ice. It ensures that the unit will last as long as possible.


If you don’t use your AC in winter, you will have to face costly repairs. Worse, you may need to buy and replace your entire unit. 


To keep it protected, make sure to turn it off. Shut its power down. This will prevent the unit from turning on during a warmer winter. 


It keeps the water out of the unit, thereby preventing the water from freezing overnight. 


Throughout the summer, the AC unit gathers dirt and dust. To winterize it, make sure to clean off any gunk using a wet clean cloth. 


Dispose of any leaves that you can find near the outdoor AC unit. This will prevent animals from burrowing in units over the winter. 

AC Repair in Hollywood

During AC off-season, birds and small animals can nibble up the wires. But you can prevent that from happening by cleaning the surrounding where the outside AC unit is placed. 


You may also choose to cover it properly. Use a waterproof cover. However, before covering it, make sure the unit is completely dry. 


Opt to use a big tarp that can cover the entire outside unit. Choose to use vinyl rope or bungee cords to make sure the tarp won’t be blown away by strong winds. 


Insulating the pipes is also necessary. Without coverage, the pipes can freeze and bruise as the temperature drops. 


Our team can cover the AC unit pipes with the right protection. We ensure that the cover fits snugly around the piece. 


However, just because you have covered the pipes and the unit, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to check out the unit throughout the winter. 


You need to keep an eye on it by inspecting it every couple of weeks. And each time there’s bad weather in the winter, you need to check it. 

If you need help in winterizing your AC unit, call our AC repair Hollywood team to schedule or book an appointment with us: (323) 746-8100.