central air and heat in Hollywood

Central Air and Heat in Hollywood Tips to Save Money Without Sacrificing Comfort

The central air and heat in Hollywood can offer you comfort during warmer and colder months. However, this system requires power consumption. 

If you set the AC thermostat at the lowest level, your house will have a colder temperature. But it also means that it consumes a lot of energy. 

To help you save money with your central air and heat, here are some tips to consider. 

central air and heat in Hollywood


Set Central Air and Heat in Hollywood Closer to the Outside Temperature 

One of the myths regarding air conditioning is that you should turn down the thermostat to make your home cool faster. But it’s not the most cost-effective solution you can do. 

Keep in mind that setting the thermostat at the lowest setting will not stop the AC unit to run. It continues to operate at the same pace. 

The best thing you can do is to set the thermostat closer to the outside temperature. Doing so will help you save more dollars every month. 


Choose the Right Unit

Many homeowners buy bigger AC units as they think they perform better. They also consider that bigger units mean better results. 

But it’s not the case. An AC unit that’s too big for the room will only force the compressor to turn on and off quickly. 

This will be an issue because it only wears out the unit. In that case, it shortens its life. It also uses a lot of electricity. 

That’s why it’s ideal that you contact an AC installer first before you purchase a new air conditioning unit. In that way, the unit that you will buy will give you a comfortable temperature without having to work too hard and consume a lot of energy. 


Avoid Turning Off the AC When YOu’re Away 

Turning off the AC when you’re not in your house may sound practical. But it won’t save you energy. 

The truth is that if you turn it off when you leave and turn it on when you get home, the AC will have to work harder to give you a colder temperature. 

If it works harder than it should, it means that it consumes more electricity. It also increases wear and tear. 

That’s why it’s better that you just turn the thermostat up instead of turning the AC off. When you hire our AC installer to install your new AC, our technicians will teach you the proper setting of your thermostat that can help you save more $$. 


Replace Air Filters Regularly 

Air filters can easily accumulate dust and dirt, which can cause poor airflow. If dust and dirt accumulate in the air filters, it forces your AC to work harder, which can shorten the unit’s lifespan and it also consumes more electricity. 

How often to change the air filters? It will depend on the manufacturer’s recommendation. Consult the user manual to know the frequency of replacing the filter to make sure that you get better air quality. 


Call Our Trained Technicians

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