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Can an AC Repair in Hollywood Fix Short Cycling?

Short cycling in an air conditioner is a term used to describe the AC unit turning on, running for a short time, and turning off again. The cycle repeats. It means that the AC starts up constantly. Do you need an AC repair in Hollywood if that happens to your AC system? 

AC Repair in Hollywood for Short Cycling 

When you turn on the ignition of your car, it uses the most gas. It’s also the same with your AC. It uses the most energy when you start up the compressor. During normal situations, the extra energy doesn’t surge the energy bill. However, if the system is short-cycling, the AC unit is drawing more energy just to produce less consistent cooling. 

What Causes Short Cycling? 

There are several reasons it happens. Knowing the reason can help you fix and find a solution. 

Wrong-Sized Air Conditioner

Many people think that having a bigger AC will give them better indoor air. But it’s not true. A larger AC may provide more cooling. However, if it is installed in a room that doesn’t need big AC will only cause short cycling. That is, if it’s too large for the room, the AC will turn on and cool the room down. It runs at normal speed. But it can’t keep going without increasing the temperature. Thus, it shuts off. Then, the temperature in the house increases again and the thermostat turns on. The cycle continues. 

Then, you might wonder if having a smaller AC can do the trick. But smaller AC than what the room needs will also lead to short cycling. That is, it will run constantly, and use more electricity without cooling your house down. In that case, it’s ideal that you purchase and install a unit with a size that’s perfect for the room. To know the right size of the AC for your house or room, talk to an AC installer. 

Can you Fix a Wrong-Sized Unit? 

The only way to fix it is to replace it with a correctly sized unit. Talk to our AC specialists so we can advise you on the next steps you can do to stop short cycling. 

AC repair Hollywood

Losing Refrigerant 

Your AC uses a refrigerant to cold down your house. It absorbs heat energy and transports it to the condenser unit and releases it. As a result, it cools down your house. The process takes place many times until the temperature matches what the thermostat says. However, if there’s not enough refrigerant, you will need to top it off or replace it. However, your AC doesn’t need a new refrigerant. Instead, the AC repair team will diagnose the unit and find leaks. 

Do you notice short cycling in your AC? You should not think twice about calling our AC experts. Call our team today to use our AC repair in Hollywood. We’ll run a full diagnosis of your AC to find the problem and fix it right away. Schedule an appointment by calling us here: (323) 746-8100