Knowing Exactly Where Cool or Heated Air is Escaping 1

Knowing Exactly Where Cool or Heated Air is Escaping

The heating or cooling system of your house is the major factor that keeps your home comfortable. The thermostat, too, plays a key role to ensure that your house is comfortable to live in. However, if cool or heated air is escaping from your house resulting in uncomfortable temperatures, then it’s time to call our experts at American Clean Air and Heating

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When the weather starts to warm up or cool down, it’s time to think about the ways to keep your home cool or warm. Your heating or cooling system might be functioning well. However, its efficiency will be greatly affected if there’s a transfer of heat or cold. When you schedule an appointment with our technicians, they can check the following: 

Doors and Windows

They are typically the weak points of your house’s insulation. If your windows are allowing natural light, they can cause warm air during summer. Doors, too, are a source of cold air loss. As you leave and enter the house, the cold air will also escape. This is particularly true if your doors are using glass panes. According to this post, “Doors are a major source of heat loss in a home, but the heat loss can be prevented through some simple additional design features.” 

If the technicians have determined that the cause is your thin door or window, you might want to carry out a renovation project. That is, consider replacing your thin windows or doors with insulated metal and glass. Newer doors have an outer layer that supports insulation. 

Use Thick Curtains and Blinds 

Cold air can leave a building while heat seeps in during summer. There’s a quick way to resolve this issue. Improving the insulation of your windows by using thick, reflective curtains or blinds. Curtains can block or trap warm air between rooms. Thus, preventing cold air from leaving. 

Fix Leaky Ducts 

Cold air must travel through a series of ducts to reach every room in your house. You can expect to lose cold air when it’s reaching every room in your house. However, the ducts prevent the system from losing a lot of cold air. Unfortunately, the older the ducts are, the more likely they leak cold air. 

Knowing Exactly Where Cool or Heated Air is Escaping 2

When there are leaks, the air may not reach every corner of your house. Thus, some rooms are warmer than others. Our technicians can measure the temperature that leaves your AC unit and compare it to the air distributed throughout the house. If there’s a huge discrepancy, then it’s a sure sign that your ducts are leaking. They can identify them and fix the issues right away so they can go back to normal. 

Keep Cold or Warm Air Where it Belongs 

When summer or winter comes, make sure that your HVAC system is operating efficiently. Talk to American Clean Air and Heating specialists on what to do to prevent warm or cold air from escaping. Give us a call for a free estimate: (323) 746-8100.