air conditioning in hollywood

Can Solar Panel Power an Air Conditioning in Hollywood?

One of the questions from our clients who are planning to install solar panels is that if they can be used to power their air conditioning in Hollywood. Of course, they can. 

Solar panels are robust enough that they can power any appliance in your home. They don’t only run your vacuum, washing machine, or your oven but your AC can also run through solar power. 

air conditioning in hollywood

Air Conditioning in Hollywood Through Solar 

During the hot summer months, you can benefit a lot from solar power to run many appliances in your homes, including the air conditioning unit. But the main issue in powering AC is the use of electricity. That’s why many homeowners in Hollywood are opting for solar energy. 

Consult Air Conditioning Hollywood Experts

However, before you embark on a solar energy project to power your appliances, including the AC, you must first consult with the experts. You may ask our air conditioning experts at AC Repair Hollywood regarding the number of solar panels to be installed. 

There are various factors to consider, including the sunlight exposure that the panels will receive. The good thing is that Hollywood enjoys all-day sunlight exposure, especially in the summer. 

Our team of experts can determine the additional panels we can install for your property using the design tool that we have. 

Apart from sunlight exposure, we will also look into the number of appliances in your house that will also use solar energy. Then, we’ll evaluate your energy consumption. The estimate will be specific to the solar design and the property. 

If you have solar panels already, they may not be enough to cover 100% of the new electricity bill after you have installed the AC. Talk to our solar panel experts to determine whether adding a few panels is still possible. 

On the other hand, if adding more solar panels is no longer possible, you can schedule an energy audit to look for energy efficiency improvements in your home that can significantly decrease your energy consumption. 

This summer, there’s no need for you to endure the high electricity bill because of your AC unit. Having solar energy can help you generate renewable energy to run your AC while also powering the rest of your appliances. Solar panel systems can generate enough electricity to help you save thousands of dollars a year. 

If your goal is to save electricity while still enjoying a comfortable temperature in your home during the summer months, then make sure to explore your solar options. Talk to our experts about the solar panel system that can be installed in your home. 

Remember though that you need to invest thousands s of dollars to install those solar panels. However, the overall cost is all worth it considering the energy savings you can get every month. 

Want to Know More? 

If you’re not sure about how solar energy can help you lower your energy bill, despite using your air conditioning in Hollywood throughout the day, make sure to give us a call. Our team of experts will explain to you the pros and cons of it. Call us at (323) 746-8100.