Air Conditioner Repair in Hollywood

Tips for Simple Air Conditioner Repair in Hollywood

Summer is in full swing in Hollywood. Temperatures are already climbing all the way up to the year’s highs and we are all getting ready for it. Especially given how much time we are spending at home. Now is definitely not the time for your AC unit to stop working. And yet it’s always when you need it most that your air conditioner starts to fail you. In the interest of ensuring a proper performance on the part of your AC unit, here are a few tips on what to do with some of the simpler issues you might be having. If none of them work, you can always call our team for professional air conditioner repair in Hollywood.

Is Your AC Not Running?

The most basic issue a lot of people have with their air conditioner is that it’s simply not running. This can be because of a variety of reasons, some of which might require some professional attention. However, it can be simple enough that you can try to get the issue fixed yourself. First, make sure that the air conditioner is receiving power at the electrical panel. Try resetting the equipment’s switches and its overloads and then check if it turns on this time. If not, check the thermostat settings to make sure they are the right ones. Then check the condensate overflow switch. In AC units with this switch, if the drainpipe backs up with water then the float switch will shut off the air conditioner. If it’s been shut off, then it means you will need to clear the condensation drainpipe.

Tips for Simple Air Conditioner Repair in Hollywood


Is Your AC Running but not Cooling?

However, sometimes your AC might be running, but not necessarily as usual. If your AC is running but not really cooling as needed, then you can try to fix it yourself. First, turn it off so that you can take a look at it in a safe way. Now try cleaning or changing the filter if you think it needs to be replaced. Having done that, check to see if any ice has formed on the coils, in which case you should turn the power back on and switch the fan on in order to melt the ice. You might also be able to clean the condensate drain if it’s so dirty it’s grown obstructed. Lastly, you can also check and, if needed, clean the outdoor compressor. If your AC still won’t cool properly after any of this, you’re better off calling air conditioner repair in Hollywood.

Professional Air Conditioner Repair in Hollywood

There is no reason for you to feel sweaty or uncomfortable in your own home. The whole point of even having an air conditioner is so that you can maintain a pleasant environment where you live. In case none of the aforementioned tips help you get your AC back up and running, don’t sweat it. Give our team a call at (323) 746-8100 and we’ll head over to figure out what’s going on. Your home will be back at the temperature you wish in a matter of hours.