cleaning and inspecting hvac

Cleaning and Inspecting Your HVAC Unit Could Save You From These Allergens

Summer is here and there are plenty of us living with pockets full of allergy meds. You may have spent years facing seasonal allergies and have been dealing with it like a champ. However, are you aware that those allergens could be lurking not just outside but in your home? They could be causing you the constant summer allergies that you have been dealing with for years now. If you want to do more for your watery eyes, running nose and sneeze attacks then its time to learn about the four allergens that can hide in your HVAC unit and around your home if you don’t do its cleaning and inspecting correctly.

cleaning and inspecting hvac

The first allergens that you likely all too familiar with are pollen. Most people think of pollen as an outside issue, It coats your car, the streets, your clothing and anywhere it’s stickiness can reach. It makes you avoid opening your windows when spring comes and forces you to sit inside on weekends. Inviting pollen into your home could be a factor in your allergy flare up. This doesn’t mean you need to paint your window shut and nail the door. Yet, pollen can be making its way in and hanging out in your air conditioner’s filter or your HVAC ductwork.

Another allergen to worry about is dust. We all have dust in our home, many of us only deal with dust when we can run our fingers along a surface and see it streaked from build up. Taking control of the dust in your home can be a fantastic way to clear the air and your nasal passages. Dust is a collection of our dead skin cells, mites, fabric fites, mite waste and pet dander. It’s microscopic and hard to control. Frequently cleaning of your home’s surfaces as well as your air filters and HVAC can be a great way to keep things dust free and really help your allergies.

Got Pets?

One last worry to have when it comes to allergies in your home comes from your pets. You may not think about the dander your dog or cat throws out into the air but it can be a real threat to your sinuses. You may not be allergic to dogs or cats but the dander itself can still cause some distress. Dander can easily make its way around your home by being carried on your furniture and clothing. It can burrow into your rugs and curtains. The best way to combat pet dander is to keep your dogs and cats groomed to reduce it.

Leave it in Professional Hands

Some of the best way to reduce allergens in your home is through frequent cleaning and maintaining of appliances. If you ensure that you and your family and vacuuming dusting and cleaning surfaces like floors, carpets and furniture you may see an improvement. However, when to comes to your HVAC unit and AC you should have it inspected and cleaned yearly. For that you can trust the team at AC Repair Hollywood. Call us today to make an appointment for your unit (323) 746-8100.