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Complete AC Repair in Hollywood: Repairing, Replacing or Maintenance

When you have an HVAC or AC unit it’s best to know about when it needs to be repaired, replaced or maintenance. Knowing the warning signs of needed maintenance can help you prevent any further damage. It can allow for a faster solution and likely less expense if something breaks or stops working correctly. Before you end up experiencing a home without AC this summer let’s go over some warning signs so that you know when you need an HVAC specialist like AC Repair Hollywood

Your HVAC is blowing warm air:

This most obvious of the signs goes at the top of the list. If you AC unit has been blowing air that isn’t cold it means hot air is being circulated throughout your house. This can be an easy to spot issue but can be missed by a homeowner if the warm air is inconsistent. This means that your home’s HVAC system is struggling to produce the cooling air its supposed to and should be looked at by a trained professional. If you brush off the hot air as a fluke of the system you could be allowing the problem to grow worse and most costly to fix.
AC Repair Hollywood

Signs of higher humidity in your home:

If you AC is working the right way a part of its job is to maintain the proper level of humidity in your house. Having too much humidity can cause mild to grow or the product of bad air quality. This means your unit will also have to work harder to get to the proper temperature. It can lead to more breakdowns in your system and more repairs. The best way to check this is to monitor your home for excess humidity as it will help you to know if your HVAC is struggling and whether you set up a dehumidifier.

Strange, musky odors:

Are there weird smells throughout your home. Smells of muskiness or mold floating through your home can be an indication that the air conditioner is on its last leg. If these smell continue you should call an HVAC specialist to look at your AC and give you an assessment on its current lifespan.

Your utility Bills are getting higher and higher:

No one wants to spend more than they need to to keep their home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. However if some of your bills are coming back higher than usual it should be a sign that your HVAC isn’t functioning the right way. The best way to know what’s normal and what’s not is to have a few months worth of bills on hand that show how your HVAC does during the summer months. From there you can work to keep the HVAC using less power and see if its reflects in your monthly bills.

You home is 10 years old:

You should be aware that while a new HVAC may lat 15-20 years that’s just an average and not a guarantee. It can heavily depend on where you live and the kind of weather you experience. Someone in Florida won’t experience the same heat as someone in Pennsylvania. Be sure that you are allowing your HVAC unit some time to rest so that it can extend it’s life time.

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