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Is Your Central Air and Heat in Hollywood Distributing Warm Air?

Homeowners in Hollywood have air conditioning in their houses. That’s because Southern California is blessed with warm weather throughout the year. Unfortunately, you won’t relish the weather if the central air and heat in Hollywood doesn’t function properly. If the unit is blowing warm air, you and the rest of the household members will be uncomfortable staying in your house. 

Issues with Central Air and Heat in Hollywood Causing Warm Air

There are several culprits in this situation. One of them is an issue with the thermostat. Thermostat’s role is vital as it regulates the indoor temperature to set the correct temperature. If the thermostat has a problem, it won’t give you the right temperature causing the AC to blow warm air. If the issue has something to do with the thermostat, it is easy to fix. Just turn it off and turn it back on. Typically, it’ll resolve the issue. If not, you need to call our central air and heat technicians to look at the thermostat and the entire system. 

Refrigerant Problems 

The refrigerant is vital as it keeps the air cool. If it’s low, the condenser can’t cool the air that comes into it. As a result, you’ll experience warm air. Low refrigerant doesn’t happen all the time unless there’s a leak. If you see ice forming on the condenser unit outside of your house, then it’s a sign that the refrigerant level is low. You can’t repair it on your own, even if you’re a DIY person. Keep in mind that refrigerant is a toxic substance. Hence, it has to be handled properly by a trained professional. Don’t worry because our technicians are available 24/7. You can call us at any time of the day or night so our technicians will visit your house or building. They’ll investigate the matter right away. If there’s a leak, it has to be repaired. Adding refrigerant without first repairing the leak won’t solve the issue. It’ll just come back after a few days or weeks. In addition to a low refrigerant, another culprit for warm air issues is a dirty evaporator coil. The coil outside the unit picks up heat from the indoor air. This coil is located near the air filter. And if the air filter is dirty, it also means that the evaporator coil is dirty. If both air filters and evaporator coils are filthy, it could obstruct airflow, causing warm air. You should call our AC technicians to clean the evaporator coil and condenser coil to ensure proper cleaning. In some cases, though, you may need to replace your central air and heat system, especially if it’s an old system. If this is your case, you need to talk to our professional installer. Contacting our professional installer first before buying a new model will ensure that the unit to be installed is correct. Our technicians will guide you on how to choose the right model according to the square footage of the room where you wish to install it. 

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