Air Conditioning in Hollywood

How Weather Affects Air Conditioning in Hollywood?

Hollywood may always experience sunny skies. But it doesn’t mean that there’s no rainy weather. Whether it’s sunny days or rainy months, any weather can affect how air conditioning in Hollywood functions. 

Air Conditioning in Hollywood During a Rainy Weather

Not all ACs have an outdoor unit. But if your system does have one, you would want to know the details we present here. The outdoor unit of your air conditioner is the condenser. The parts inside are made of aluminum, plastics, and copper, as well as materials that are resistant to rusting. That is if your unit is a newer model. Modern condensers aren’t prone to rust. However, even if you have a modern AC, it doesn’t mean that the outdoor unit won’t get damaged from the elements outside. Keep in mind that if there’s a storm, debris can fly and get inside the condenser. That’s why you must look at your condenser regularly, after heavy rain or storms. Always keep the outdoor unit clean. Else, it’ll encounter some issues that will need the expertise of a technician. 

How to Take Care of the Condenser? 

There’s no need for you to complicate things by covering it. Some homeowners in Hollywood would cover the outdoor unit with a tarp to protect it from rain. If you do so, you’re just causing more harm than good. Keep in mind that the condenser needs proper ventilation. Covering it will only prevent air from going in and out of the unit. Raindrops may just accumulate in your condenser. It won’t allow the water to evaporate or dry up. It means that if you try to cover the outdoor unit because you want to protect it from rain, molds can grow. If that happens, you’ll breathe poor indoor air quality. In that case, covering the condenser unit isn’t the most proactive thing that you can do. What’s the most proactive then? 

Schedule a Maintenance Service 

If you want your air conditioning to last for more than 10 years, you need to take care of it by scheduling regular maintenance. American Clean Air and Heating recommends a tune-up before spring starts or at the beginning of fall. A tune-up involves cleaning and inspecting the parts of the system. The indoor and outdoor units are checked. We ensure that our technicians will inspect every detail of your AC so that it’ll function with no issues throughout the year. 

Maintaining the AC in Perfect Condition 

Regular maintenance is necessary for every appliance. Even the smallest appliance needs it so it won’t encounter costly repairs. Our team here at American Clean Air and Heating will clean your unit from top to bottom. If there are issues with the AC, we’ll fix them right away. Our company provides AC services throughout Hollywood and nearby cities. We don’t only provide AC maintenance but we also offer AC repair and installation. Our team is available 24/7. 

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