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Services Provided by American Clean Air and Heating

When it comes to making sure that your home is in good, habitable condition, there are a handful of elements that you need to always be on top of. Top of the list is definitely plumbing and electricity and following closely behind for most people is the state and condition of their air conditioning and/or heating. If you live in a place that experiences high temperatures across the majority of the year, then making sure that your air cooling system is in good working order can be the difference between living very comfortably or living extremely uncomfortably! With this in mind, here is a rundown of the services that are provided by American Clean Air And Heating.

Air Conditioning Services

Whether you have an existing air conditioning unit that needs to be checked and fixed, or you live in a home that has never had air conditioning up to this point, then we can help with both of these situations. Our engineers will be able to come to your home and solve any power problems that your unit might be experiencing, and our installers can take a trip to your property to assess what kind of unit would be suitable for a brand new installation.

Heating Services

If you are having the opposite problem and need assistance with your heating instead, then our engineers can help you with that side of things as well. Here in Hollywood, it can be very hot during the day, but it can also drop to cold temperatures at night during certain times of the year. The last thing you want to do is be caught out with a heating problem in the middle of the winter night.

American Clean Air Heating

Routine Maintenance

If you don’t want to have to pay the higher fees of an emergency callout when your air conditioning starts to break down, then the best and most sensible option is to keep a regular schedule of maintenance appointments. If you arrange for one of our engineers to make annual visits to your home to make sure that everything is ticking over nicely and working as efficiently as it should, then you will find that you experience far fewer surprise problems over the years. Some people don’t like the idea of paying for a maintenance checkup when there isn’t anything ‘glaringly’ wrong, but we can guarantee that the price of a checkup is always going to be lower than the price of an emergency callout or the price of parts that need to be ordered in order to fix a broken system.

So, if you need to enlist the services of American Clean Air And Heating for your own home, then don’t hesitate to head over to the ACAH AC Repair Hollywood website for all of the information that you need. We have a number of expert engineers and repair people on hand to get to your home and sort out any of the above problems that you might be having. We look forward to being able to help!