AC Installer in Hollywood

The Process Undertaken by an AC Installer in Hollywood

Living in a location like Hollywood, something that you will discover very quickly is that you definitely need air conditioning to help you make it through the very hottest parts of the year! Having to toil in a home that isn’t equipped to deal with high temperatures is one tough situation that a person can find themselves in, there is no way to escape the heat in the place that should be your relaxing haven! Of course, the simple way to solve this problem is to enlist the help of an AC installer in Hollywood to provide you with the latest and greatest in AC technology. With this in mind, here is a brief summary of the process that is undertaken to achieve that.

Plan The Location Of The Unit

The first thing that needs to be done is to have an engineer come to your home to find the best location for the motor aspects of the AC system to be installed. Modern air conditioners are often up to 25% larger than old ones, so it might be the case that you need to make some modifications to your wall or ductwork in order for the unit to be successfully installed.

They Will Collect Important Information

The estimator or engineer who comes to visit will collect information about your existing unit to be able to give you a quote and cost comparison of what you are likely to be spending on your new installation. This will include an all-important safety review.

Removal Of Existing Air Con

The existing unit that you have will contain a refrigerant that needs to be removed so that the new one can be installed completely fresh. Due to lots of different health standards and laws, this is something that needs special equipment and expertise.

Prep The Area For Installation

The existing space left after removal will almost always need some prep work to get it ready for the installation of the new unit. This includes things like replacing the pad that the new AC unit will be set on. In most cases, a gravel base will be built up or leveled out in the area where the new AC unit is going to be placed.

AC Installer in Hollywood

Installation Of New Unit

Once the area is prepped and things like the previous refrigerant have been removed, the final step is to install the new unit to the highest modern specifications. After this process, you will be free to enjoy the cooling benefits of a brand new, state-of-the-art air conditioning system in the comfort of your home!

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