Air ducts cleaning

Should You Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Can you remember the last time you had your air ducts cleaned? Most people keep a maintenance schedule for their large appliances. However, If you are thinking ‘a few years ago’ or can’t remember at all, it may be affecting your home’s air quality. You may have noticed some things in your home that you have yet to connect to your air ducts. There are plenty of factors that can be a sign that your ducts need cleaning and spotting those problems means being able to fix them. So, let’s go over the symptoms of dirty ducts.

Air duct cleaning

Have you and your family noticed that you are having issues with your sinuses? One of the very first signs that your air quality is taking a dip is experiencing illness with your breathing quality and sinuses. You air ducts are responsible for throwing out dust, allergens, and debris when they aren’t properly cleaned and it can take a toll on your respiratory health if you’re not careful.

You may have spotted some visible mold growing around or inside your air ducts. This needs immediate attention because mold growth means that your air system is throwing spores into your home. The mold itself is wildly resistant and can survive on surfaces like the insulation around your ducts. In some extreme cases that insulation needs to be replaced when you get your air ducts cleaned.

Reasons Why You Should Call Our Pros

Water damage can be another huge factor in issues with your air ducts. Mild grow happens in places that are damp with water. So if water has made it through in, for example, your attic it may have had the chance to start growing mold around the duct work that was installed up there. That same goes for ductwork in your basement. Being wary of water leaks and dampness in areas when the ducts were installed in your home can be a great way to head off the mold before it has the chance to grow.

One further sign that your air ducts might need to be cleaned is poor air flow. Poor air flow can be a signal that dust has started to cake up in your vents. It can lead to debris and dust blowing out into your home. Having your vents cleaned yearly can be a great way to keep problems and health issues at bay. If you are struggling with poor airflow, dust or mold, its time to call a professional.

AC Repair Hollywood can be your go-to team for routine maintenance of your HVAC system. Having your system inspected regularly and cleaned regularly can be a great way to ensure that it is working properly. Give AC Repair Hollywood a call today to schedule an inspection, cleaning or even installation of a new unit! You shouldn’t have to struggle with allergens, sinuses issues, mold growth or any other health-risk factors that could be eliminated with a little duct cleaning. Be sure to take care of it before it grows or blows worse! (323) 746-8100