Air Conditioning in Hollywood

The Do’s and Don’ts of Air Conditioning in Hollywood

When it is on in your home and working perfectly, air conditioning is the kind of thing that you don’t think twice about. It is only when something goes wrong and you start experiencing problems that you quickly remember it is naturally cool as a cucumber inside your home during the summer! Of course, the maintenance and upkeep of a working air conditioner are down to the individual owner, so you really can’t afford to forget about it until you are hot and sweaty in your living room all of a sudden. With this in mind, here are some of the classic do’s and don’ts for your air conditioning in Hollywood.

DO – Check Your Thermostat

If you want to be careful about your energy efficiency and use, then you need to get into the habit of checking your thermostat on a regular basis. Settle for a constant temperature that works for you and everyone in your home and try to stick to that number, because if you are constantly raising and lowering your temperature, it forces the unit to work harder and therefore uses more energy and raises your costs.

DO – Use It On Hot Days

Don’t make the mistake of trying to turn off your air-con on hot days in an attempt to save money, because at the end of the day your health is more important. By all means, set the temperature slightly higher than you might want to, but it is important to establish a cooler environment indoors compared to the heat of the outside sun. You could also consider buying a more energy/cost-efficient model.

Don’t – Forget To Clean It

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Wrong! You need to make sure that you commit to cleaning the reachable parts of your AC unit on a regular basis in order to ensure that it continues to run in a correct and efficient manner. Components like the filter need to be clean and free from dirt and debris in order to be able to function properly.

Air Conditioning in Hollywood

Don’t – Forget About The Vents

In order to optimize the airflow in all areas of your home, it is important that you position all of your air vents properly. Make sure they are not blocked by furniture in any rooms, and if you can do so, aim them in a position that sends the cool air down to where people are going to be, rather than up at the ceiling. Additionally, if there are rooms in the house that you never use, close those vents off completely so that the cool air can be more effectively distributed.

If you don’t think you have adhered to some of these rules and might be in need of some repairs on your air conditioning in Hollywood, then feel free to contact the experts at ACAH AC Repair Hollywood. The team of experienced engineers has seen and fixed just about every AC unit issue you can imagine, and we can guarantee that they will be able to have your cool air back up and running in no time at all!