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How Important Is It to Clean and Maintain Your HVAC?

The air you breathe is important to have good health, in addition to eating healthy foods and drinking clean water. Because the air you breathe is vital, you need to ensure that the air isn’t polluted. Each time you turn on your moldy AC, for instance, can you expect it to give you clean air? If your HVAC is moldy, you’re only exposing yourself to deadly health problems. And this is why using the American Clean Air and Heating services is vital to ensure clean air at home. 

American Clean Air and Heating in Improving HVAC Efficiency 

Your HVAC is like your car. If you wish it to run reliably, you need to have it serviced regularly. Don’t expect it to perform at its best always if you ignore HVAC maintenance. Cleaning and maintaining it is the most sound advice you can hear about your HVAC. So, call our HVAC maintenance today to improve its efficiency. 

Can HVAC Maintenance Lower Electricity Bills? 

HVAC uses a large chunk of your electrical consumption. A dirty AC, for instance, consumes more power than a clean unit. The reason for this is that the unit works harder, resulting in an increased operating cost. However, if you choose to clean it regularly, you can significantly reduce the system’s need to work harder. As a result, it shaves some dollars off your utility bill. 

Preventing Costly Repair 

If you allow the HVAC system to run in its dirty state, it will lead to various issues. Worse, it will completely fail. As the system gathers more dust and dirt, it becomes harder to clean it, leading to a costly repair. Furthermore, if the HVAC is dirty, it’s prone to overheating. It also can’t give you warm or cool air more efficiently. But these issues can be easily resolved by simply having the system cleaned by our HVAC technicians. 

Breathe Better Indoor Air Quality 

The HVAC doesn’t just give you cool or warm air. It also keeps the air in your home clean and healthy. A dirty system makes it an area for fungi, bacteria, and other harmful organisms to thrive. Every time you turn on your heating or cooling unit, the particles are spread into the room, thereby, exposing you to various respiratory infections. And if you have asthma, dirty air can trigger attacks. 

How Often to Clean Your HVAC? 

It depends on the manufacturer’s instructions. Check the user’s manual to know the details. Generally, you need to clean its filters regularly. Once or twice a month is highly suggested. Replacing the filters every three months is necessary. If you run the system more often or if you live in a dusty environment, you need to change or clean it as often as you can. 

American Clean Air and Heating

Are You Ready to Breathe Clean Air? 

If you are now ready to clean your HVAC system and avoid the issues mentioned above, then schedule an appointment with American Clean Air and Heating at (323) 746-8100