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What it Means for Hollywood Heating and Air When You Hear a Hissing Noise

Your air conditioner is supposed to work quietly, so if you hear a hissing noise, it’s time to call Hollywood Heating and Air. Why? Because if your unit is making noise, there’s likely a problem that needs to be addressed. An expert is the best person to do this job because you want to be sure the issue is fixed correctly so it doesn’t happen again or so that it doesn’t cause other problems to arise. Here’s how we can help if you hear that dreaded hissing noise coming from your cooling unit.

Hissing or Bubbling Sound?

If the hissing coming from your air conditioner occurs alongside a bubbling noise, you probably have a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant is the liquid or gas that assists with cooling the air coming out of the unit. A hissing sound indicates a leak if your refrigerant is gas. A bubbling sound, on the other hand, indicates a leak if your refrigerant is liquid. Sometimes you may hear both, which could be because you have more than one leak in the line. A leak can cost you more in cooling costs because it keeps the unit from working as efficiently.

Hissing from the Compressor

If the hissing sound comes from outside, where the compressor is located, you definitely have a problem. A sound in this location indicates that the pressure inside the compressor is too high, which can be dangerous. Not only can it damage your compressor, but it’s dangerous enough that you should turn off the unit immediately. Continuing to run the air conditioner in this instance can compromise the safety of your home, as well as those inside it. 

Hissing That Comes and Goes

In some cases, you might hear a hissing sound that lasts a few seconds, then stops. You might hear this intermittently while the unit is running. In many instances, this is a normal sound emitted by the air conditioner and is likely caused by the refrigerant in the expansion valve. However, if you’re worried, it’s best to have the experts have a look to put your mind at ease. 

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When to Call for Help

Anytime your air conditioner begins making a noise that you’ve never heard before, it pays to have it looked at. Sometimes the noise is harmless and is simply part of the normal operation of the unit. However, sometimes it’s not. Letting the problem persist can do expensive damage to your air conditioner and may even require you to purchase a new one. Also, as mentioned above, in some cases, letting it go can be dangerous. It’s always best to call us for help if you aren’t sure what noise means. 

Is your air conditioner making a hissing sound? Let American Clean Air and Heating help. Contact us today and one of our friendly and experienced technicians will listen to the hissing sound, diagnose the problem and recommend the best fix for your specific needs. Don’t wait to enjoy clean, quality Hollywood heating and air. Contact us today.