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Is it Cheaper to Leave Air Conditioning On in Hollywood Throughout the Day?

Summer months in Hollywood can be sweltering. That’s why having air conditioning in Hollywood can be a relief. 

However, if you don’t plan, providing you with a cool temperature can come with a burgeoning cost. 

Many of our clients are wondering whether it’s more efficient to just leave the AC on all day. Is it cheaper this way? 

air conditioning in Hollywood

What Happens When Leaving Air Conditioning in Hollywood On All Day? 

During hot temperatures, it’s cheaper to just leave it on throughout the day. However, you should not keep it on full blast. 

The result will depend on your AC. For that reason, you should contact a professional to determine the temperature to maintain during hot weather. 

When nobody is home, you may think that it’s practical to turn it off. After all, no one is in your house to enjoy the cold temperature. 

But turning it off during a heatwave can introduce more heat and humidity. When you turn it on again, the unit will work harder to lower the temperature to a comfortable setting. 

Unfortunately, it can take a lot of time to lower it to a sufficient level. It also strains the system. 

It means that it suffers frequent repairs. You will also experience high energy bills. 


Use a Programmable Thermostat 

The best solution for this scenario is to just use a programmable thermostat. It can help ensure that your AC system operates most efficiently. 

With it, there’s no need to turn off the unit. The thermostat will just adjust the temperature throughout the day. 

When you’re out, it will increase the temperature slightly. And cool your home when you’re at home. 

As it adjusts automatically based on your needs, the AC won’t work harder to give you the optimum temperature. 

A programmable thermostat will also help in lowering your AC bills. The thermostat will set at the right temperature. 

You can save 6% of electricity for every degree you raise the temperature. 

Ideally, you can keep it at 24°C and not 18. Your home is perfectly cool with this temperature. 

You should also make sure that you shut all doors and seal your windows. In that case, the cold air won’t leave the room. 

It’s also necessary that you pull the curtains. In the way, the sun’s heat won’t enter your room. 

You may also use your ceiling fan if you have any when the AC is running. This will keep the room well ventilated. Plus, it distributes the cool air. 


Regular Servicing 

Most of all, you need to maintain the AC regularly. Dirt can accumulate in the ducts and vents of your AC. If that happens, the air conditioning will work harder to ensure that the entire room will have cool air. 

Yous should also replace the filters every three months or as recommended by the manufacturer.


Call American Clean Air and Heating 

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